October 19, 2012

Staying full-time in this industry for a little over 2 years now We have seen many compensation programs come my way. Some are great, some are good, but none paid away 100% commissions on products which were actually GREAT ! haha

Yes I have seen some 100% commission programs nevertheless they absolutely sucked as a product, and it was usually a 1 time 100% commission and that’s this. No leverage or left over income at all… Where could be the fun in building something such as that?

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The fact they pay 100% commission is simply icing on the wedding cake!

I also want to indicate that since they spend you 100% commissions, you are getting paid as you owned, created, provide support, hosted & managed the item but you DONT! They do that for you personally and you get paid just like you did all that!

This gives the average person the ability to get paid as when they created the product however, not have to worry about it! Cool huh?

They also have an integrated leverage plan so you are able to still earn on your own downline. Your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 6th person are passed as much as your sponsor… What this allows to happen is you can tell your team what you are doing, teach them your secrets because there is leverage in the workers comp plan. You are not training your competitors like other 100% commission programs available. You can build a long term team and create 100% residual income passups for the rest of time on every single one of your referrals.

So why would David Wood try this?

David Wood and Donald Sharpe are industry phenomenons. You can call them “Gurus” if you’d like but I love how they are always creating techniques, teaching people what they will know, never holding back and telling you how it really is!

So why would they provide 100% commissions?

David Woods simple answer is “because they’re not Wussys! ” They can actually build the business enterprise better than anyone different. They didn’t want specific treatment being the owners. They are on the identical playing field as everyone else in the company. So the simple response to how they earn money from this is? They earn 100% commissions like everyone else and I! Simple straight forward and to the stage!

Think about that for a second. They earn 100% and thus do you! So you don’t need to create your own item, you don’t have to pay some of the overhead & you reach get paid just like you did own it! Wow! It really is an incredible concept!

David Wood and Donald Sharpe are probably two of the very ingenious marketers and closers which i have ever seen within my career. You can tap to their skills just for being part of the Empower Network as well… Just blog every day, share it with other folks, and get paid!

Author: Anthony Jenkins.


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